The best 5 programming languages to learn in 2021

The best 5 programming languages to be told in 2021. In this present time their more and more demand for engineering science and continues to grow rapidly, and also the world-changing into advanced digital technology, it’s become quite normal to seem at alternative technologies surpassing one another frequently with regular updates & advancements.

As of 2020, there are about 700 programming languages available. A number of these tend to be applied only for specific domains while others are widely appreciated for his or her ability to be ready to add a large range of applications. During the past decade, there has been an almost steady growth within the application of software and new languages are developed to fulfill the demand. during this article, we are visiting explore a number of the foremost currently used programming languages and potential new stars within the ambit of information Science and Cloud Development.

Here are the highest 5 programming languages to be told in 2021:

python language
python language

Python has always been a popular artificial language to search out out as it’s incredibly beginner-friendly. it is not verbose, and you may be able to build your coding skills quickly. In fact, we recently asked a range of expert developers to share which artificial language they recommended for a whole beginner, and Python came out on top. it is also a wonderful language to seek out out due to the ever-growing demand for it within the duty market. What’s more, Python goes to be even more relevant to search out out this year as it is also the foremost popular language for machine learning, which is becoming increasingly important. If you’d wish to discover more about Python and what you’ll do with it, inspect this great post by Kenneth Love.


- cross-platform solutions
- an open-source, object-oriented language
- asynchronous coding design
- access to many modules
- used for ML and AI, desktop and web apps

java language
java language

It has been one in every of the foremost popular programming languages used for developing server-side applications. Java could be a practical choice for developing Android apps because it can create highly functional programs and platforms.
This object-oriented artificial language doesn’t require a particular hardware infrastructure, is well manageable, and contains a good level of security. Moreover, it’s easier to be told Java compared to languages like C and C++. No wonder, nearly 90% of Fortune 500 firms depend on Java for his or her desktop applications and backend development projects.


- Object-Oriented language.
- Java offers APIs for various activities like Database connection, networking, XML parsing, utilities, etc.
- Powerful open-source Rapid Development tools.
- It is one amongst the most effective programming languages to be told that encompasses a sizable amount of open-source libraries.

Just like Apple built Swift mitigating the shortcomings of Objective-C, so did Google, only during this case kotlin sprouted from the loopholes of Java. Ever since its debut in 2011, Kotlin has continued to grow a strongly-knit loyal base with the developers realizing its advantages over Java. Key-value additions from a developer-perspective include operator overloading, null safety, and data classes to call some. Kotlin offers a lean syntax that’s easy to write down and grasp. This translates into code volumes that are 20% shorter than Java, making the programming experience developer-friendly and efficient. Java codes can run on Kotlin and vice-versa making it immensely interoperable. the manufacturers of Kotlin package this artificial language with a complicated compiler that maintains checks and balances at compile and runtime. Advertised because the language for Android development, it comes with a lazy-loading feature that minimizes the load-time of an app, improving the user experience.


- Completely Interoperable With Java.
- More Concise Than Java.
- Safer Code.
- Comes With a better and Safer Compiler.
- Easier to keep up.
- Created to spice up Your Productivity.
- Better Support for Functional Programming.

C# is an object-oriented artificial language that’s very powerful and technical. it’s best suited to numerous templates and high-performance programs since it’s many programming functions like indexers, assembly versioning, available integration with Windows, and Microsoft products. It’s also suitable for those that want to develop computer games. You’ll be able to create games on the Unity 3D engine if you study it.


- Portability
- Object-oriented
- Multi-paradigm
- Low-level Manipulation
- Memory Management
- Large Community Support
- Compatibility with C
- Scalability

Swift might be a programming language developed by Apple for creating iOS applications. it’s one amongst the foremost in-demand languages out there, as iOS applications are still popular among users and Apple remains standing strong. Although Flutter and React Native are also options for iOS development, Swift continues to be the more widely used and preferred option.


- Swift is quicker
- Swift is safer
- More readable
- Less code
- Less error-prone
- Integrates with memory management
- Swift is an open-source language
- Interactive coding

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